Joint Employer Training

Partnering with SECRC-Carolina establishes collaboration and partnership among labor, management and project owners by providing technical expertise, comprehensive services and communication excellence on the jobsite. The Joint Employer Training Program is the key to that success.

Joint Employer training programs in the construction industry are the largest privately financed system of higher education in the country.

While apprenticeship programs require a certain amount of classroom training, our model requires a significant amount of on-the-job training, offering apprentices an opportunity to develop the hard skills that will be crucial as they begin their construction careers. In most cases, apprenticeship programs require the same or more training hours than does a bachelor’s degree.

We are constantly updating our programs to keep up with the demands of our employers and rapidly changing industry trends and standards.

Our goal is to teach the skills needed every day in the workplace.

Our goal is to teach the skills needed every day in the workplace.


Don’t settle for average. Make the commitment to give that extra effort and become extraordinary. This is your chance to get what you want out of life and carve out a rewarding, respectable career. It’s a no-brainer. Contact us, and get moving toward a great paycheck and solid future.

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